Exhibited: Dilalica, Barcelona, Spain Oct 11 2019 to Jan 15, 2020.

Other Days, Other Eyes (2019) refers to the evolution of the
ubiquitous recording infrastructures that surround us and
reflects on the generation and transmission of that information
as well as society’s growing abundance of cotidian and
banal information.

Kitchen combines live footage from cameras with varying curiosities
of the everyday, archived elements, and analog glass
blobs laden with the weight of the collected digital content.
Smaller blobs seep out of the walls, evoking budding newcomers
that may very well grow up to become a camera one day
speculating on the evolution of live architectural organisms.
The work captures the coexistence of the physical and the
virtual, the natural and artificial, the real and imagined
and the absurd.

This project grew out of IMAGEOBJECTLANDSCAPEEVENT a research
project by longtime collaborative team Kitchen-Hooker.
Much of Kitchen's work is inspired by the writings of J G
Ballard, in this instance a short story called “Sound-Sweep”
wherein a passage reads, “the sonic strata of everyday urban
life ....is so without respite that it is literally embedded
within walls and surfaces”. In Ballard’s book, a sound-sweep
is the equivalent of a trash man, collecting the abundance of
everyday sounds absorbed into the architecture.

The project title is borrowed from another 70s science fiction
writer, Bob Shaw.

Shona Kitchen with glass artist Evan Voelbel.