I am an international, multidisciplinary designer with a passion for technological advancement. I explore current and future technologies through several fields including art, design, interactive design and speculative narrative design proposals.

Since graduating in architecture from the Royal College of Art in London in 1997, I have divided my time between creative practice, research (within academic institutions and through independent creative practice), and teaching. Each of these avenues of investigation and practice intersect and inform one another and in turn, my work and process. My work investigates, tests, tampers with, and celebrates the intersection of the physical and virtual, the mechanical beauty within natural environments, and the natural beauty within the synthetic.

My approach is heavily collaborative, typically site-specific, and research-driven; research which fits both inside and outside traditional academic spheres. My work has manifested itself through a wide range of forms - visual narrative, written, animation, interactive public art/design, and physical prototyping in the form of products. Recent works have involved tapping into existing social and technological infrastructures to manipulate and embed new systems via design interventions and networked technologies. The results of these interventions are constructions of alternative spatial experiences designed to enhance and enrich rather than distract from the cultural statements and aesthetics of their surroundings.

Professional History

2010-2011, Artist Fellowship/Visiting Lecturer, Stanford’s Institute for creativity and the Arts in cooperation with the Design Group in the Department of Mechanical Engineering

2006-2007, Artist Fellowship, Sally Don Lucas Artists Programs, Montalvo Arts Center, Saratoga, CA.

2006, Artist Fellowship/Researcher, Department of Advanced Information and Media Studies, Aarhus, Denmark

2001-2002, Research Fellow, Interaction Design Research Studio, Royal College of Art, London

1997-2004, Design Partnership KRD, (Kitchen Rogers Design), London

1997-2001, Research Assistant, Computer Related Design Research Studio, Royal College of Art, London

1997-present, Self-employed artist, designer, researcher, educator, consultant and collaborator

1993-1994 Exhibition Designer, MET Studio, London


1994-1997, MA Architecture, Royal College of Art, London, England, UK

1990-1993, 1st Class BA Honors Degree, Interior Architecture and Design, Glasgow School of Art, Scotland, UK


2010-2011, Stanford University, Tutor/Artist in Residence, Design Program

2009 California College of the Arts, San Francisco, Visiting Professor, Winter Quarter, Architecture

2008-2009 Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA, Thesis advisor, Media Design Program

2007-2008 Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA, Workshop/Lecture, Media Design Program

2007-2010 SJSU SEM (Sculpture Experimental Media, CADRE), CA, Visiting Associate Professor

2003-2006 Royal College of Art, London, Tutor in Design Products

2006 Department of Advanced Information and Media Studies, Aarhus University, Denmark, Workshop

2002 Glasgow School of Art, Scotland, UK, Workshop/Lecture

2006 Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark, Workshop/Lecture

2005 Department of Advanced Information and Media Studies, Aarhus University, Denmark, Visiting Tutor

2005 Bezalel School of Art, Jerusalem, Workshop/Lecture

2000-2002 Royal College of Art, London, Visiting Tutor Computer Related Design MA Course


2011, American for the Arts, Public Art Network in recognition of Dreaming FIDS at San Jose Airport

2004, RIBA Award, Royal Institute of British Architects for “The Minotaur” maze

2004, D & AD Silver Award for “The Minotaur” maze

2004, Natural Stone Award, Creative North East Award for “The Minotaur” maze

2004, Creative North East Award for “The Minotaur” maze Kielder Park, Northumberland

2001, FX Award, Best Store Design for Commes des Garçons, Paris

2001, RSA (Royal Society of Arts) Award for “The Minotaur” maze

2000, Everest Conservatory Design award

1994, Bram Stoker Award for “Most Imaginative Student”, Glasgow School of Art

1994, Stakis award for best student

1993, Royal Society of Arts student travel award

Validation Panels, Juries

2009, Invited Presenter and Panelist, Johnson & Johnson, Global Strategic Design Office, New York, NY

2008, Commissioned as Lead Artist to research and develop proposals as part of the process of urban design and social engagement for a Master Design programme for Deptford Creekside in southeast London, led by Creative Lewisham Agency (CLA),
supported by Deutsche Bank, and assisted by Cockpit Arts

2007, Panelist, 1st ACT Silicon Valley (Inspiring leadership, participation, investment in art
and technology)

2007, Panelist, Public Art Department, City of San Jose Office of Cultural Affairs

2007, Panelist, Montalvo Arts Center, Technology and Arts - How can artists enhance R&D
for high tech businesses

2005, Judge, Environmental Design and Architecture, 2005 D&AD Awards

2004, Judge, FX Design Award 2004

2002, Talent Seeker for the Nesta Graduate Pioneer Programme, London

Selected Talks and Exhibitions

2010, Lecture: Leonardo, International Society for Art, Sciences and Technology, CA

2007-Present, Exhibit: “Datanature”, tickets in permanent collection, Victoria & Albert Museum, London

2006-2008, Exhibit: “Electroplex Heights” as part of “Open House” travelling exhibition for Vitra Design Museum, exhibited: Norsk Forms DogA, Oslo, Center for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, Zeche Zollverein, Essen

2007, Exhibit: Domestic Wilderness Channel, Montalvo Arts Center and 12 Cinema, San Jose, CA

2006, Lecture: San Francisco International Film Festival, Pocket Cinema, Kabuki Theatre, San Francisco, CA

2005, Exhibit: “PopNoir”: Critical Designs, group exhibition, Israel Museum, Jerusalem

2005, Lecture: Creativity in Design, Art and Science conference, University of Aarhus, Denmark

2005, Lecture: Center for Design Research Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture Copenhagen

2004, Exhibit/Lecture: Viper, Basel 2004. A conference about generations on the move

2004, Exhibit: “The Other”, Spiazzi Gallery, Architecture Biennale, Venice

2004, Exhibit: “Edgetown”, Minus One Event, Aldwych underground station, London

2004, Exhibit: “Edge Town”, Hockney Gallery, Royal College of Art, London

2003, Lecture: NIRES7, Nordic Interactive Research School, University of Aarhus, Denmark

2003, Exhibit/Lecture: “Edge Town”, The Digital Hub, Dublin

2003, Lecture: 4dspace/OneDotZero, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London

2002, Lecture: “Doors of Perception”, Amsterdam

2002, Exhibit/Lecture: Automaten, part of Urban Drift conference, Berlin

2002, Lecture: “Public Reveries, Private Spaces”, London School of Economics, London

2001, Exhibit: “Taurus To Taurus” 100%, immersive BMW, Drive In Event, Cologne Furniture Fair

2000, Exhibit: Big Torino 2000, 1st biennial of emerging artists, Turin


2007, 4dsocial: Interactive Design Environments, Lucy Bullivant (Guest Editor), AD/Wiley, July 2007
Project Featured: Datanature - ISBN: 978-0470319116

2006, OPEN HOUSE Architecture and Technology for Intelligent Living Vitra Design Museum, Germany, Art Center College of Design, USA. Project Featured: Electroplex Heights - ISBN: 3-931936-66-X

2005, 4dspace: Interactive Architecture Lucy Bullivant (Guest Editor), AD/Wiley, Jan 2005 - ISBN: 0470090928

2004, Responsive Environments: Architecture, Art and Design by Lucy Bullivant. V & A Publications. Projects featured: Energy Shutdown + Edgetown - ISBN: 1851774815

2004, Retail: Architecture and Shopping Ian Luna, Rizzoli. Projects featured: KRD/Kitchen Rogers Design - ISBN: 0847827046

2000 Flexible Information and Recreation for Mobile Users, F.L.I.R.T, RCA CRD Projects Paperback. Publisher: RCA Computer Related Design Research – ISBN 1-874175-29-2

1999 PRESENCE with Anthony Dunne, Bill Gaver and team. A two year research project funded by the European Commission through the Intelligent Information Interfaces (i3) programme. Published Paperback - ISBN 187417532 2


Since 1997, my accomplishments in the field of public art/interactive design have consistently been reported in both the major international media as well as specialty journals such as Public Art Review (USA), Brutus Casa (Japan), I-D(USA), Vogue Paris (France), Domus (Italy), Concorde in-flight magazine, USA Today (USA), FRAME (UK) Art 4d (Thailand), Blueprint (UK), Wall Paper (UK) etc.

Selected Built Commercial and Conceptual Projects

2010-Present, Commissioned artist team for Bridge Improvement Program, Public Art Division, City
of Los Angeles

2010-Present, “HIGH---LOW” public artwork – Solar-powered landmark synchronised with the tide, it serves as a tribute to the historical importance of Deptford’s all-but-forgotten tidal Creek. Deptford, London for Creative Process, London - Sponsored by Deutsche Bank (Kitchen with D. Robson)

2010–Present, “Small Wonders” – Exhibit design for collection of art, client, 01SJ Biennial, San Jose Airport. (Kitchen with B. Hooker)

2010–Present, “Dreaming FIDS”, (Flight Information Display System) – A permanent public artwork for Mineta San Jose International Airport combining forms and technologies derived from familiar airport information and security systems with an ecosystem – an aquarium of shoaling fish. A self-perpetuating, dynamic system of surveillance and display, record and playback. (Kitchen, B. Hooker)

2008, Commissioned to create core promotional graphic ZERO1 – Global Festival of Art On The Edge (Kitchen)

2007–Present, “The Weekend” – A permanently-installed electronic sign which automatically illuminates every Friday afternoon until late Sunday night. The sign acts as an substitute for absent temporal markers such as chiming church bells and quiet streets. Commissioned by and installed at Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart. (Kitchen, B. Hooker)

2007, “Domestic Wilderness Channel” – A site-specific installation which takes the sophisticated surveillance technology that pervades urban environments and
mainstream culture and transposes it onto an idyllic domestic environment, exposing the natural micro-world that exists in the hidden nooks of our manicured lawns and drawing attention to modern notions of control in our political, daily, and recreational lives. For Montalvo Arts Center, CA (Kitchen)

2006, “Data Nature” – A multi-site electronic artwork centered around the San Jose International Airport. Two ticket machines dispense printouts which superficially resemble boarding passes, but on closer inspection are unique artworks containing live imagery and other information about behind-the-scenes activity at the airport. Commissioned by the San Jose Public Art Program for ISEA2006 Symposium + ZERO1 San Jose: A Global Festival of Art on the Edge. (Kitchen, B. Hooker)

2006–Present,“Hospital Street” – Mechanical artwork integrated within the architecture of Walkergate Park Centre for neuro-rehabilitation in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK (Kitchen with B. Hooker)

2005, “Cellular Noise Maker” – An animated electronic device, ‘electromechanical foliage’, which forms a physical focal point in conceptual project about creating a new aesthetic for city living through integrated architectural/electronic spaces. Exhibited at Jerusalem Museum, Israel. (Kitchen, B. Hooker)

2005, “PSP Site Specific” – Artwork commissioned by Sony for their Design club, exhibited at Victoria Miro Gallery, London (Kitchen with B. Hooker)

2004–Present, “Energy Shutdown” – Four player, interactive kinetic game for Science Museum, London (KRD)

2004, “Smart Homes In Smart Cities”, Experimental housing project Nanterre, Paris (Kitchen, B. Hooker, P. Supelveda)

2004, Design of Men’s Designer Room, Selfridges, London (KRD)

2004, “Brilliant” lighting exhibition at The Victoria and Albert Museum, London (KRD)

2003, Michel Guillon, design of opticians incorporating kinetic elements, Sloane Square, London (KRD)

2003, Al Ostoura, store design, Sahab Tower, Kuwait City (KRD)

2003–Present, “The Minotaur” – Contemporary maze in the grounds of Kielder Castle, Northumberland (Kitchen, N. Coombe)

2002, Joseph, retail store design, 230-236 Westbourne Grove, London + Madison Ave., New York (KRD)

2001, “RAT” (Rogue Ambience Table) – Concept Product Launched at 100% Design and Work Place ’01 (KRD)

2001-2007, Comme des Garçons Flagship Store, Paris – Design and installation of store including automated art installation (KRD)

2001, “Taurus To Taurus” – 100%, immersive BMW, audio visual, electromechanical environment, “Drive In”, Cologne (KRD)

1999, “Invasion Of The Accessories” – Top Shop retail windows, kinetic window installations, London (KRD)

1999, “Responsive Space” – Interactive room, Kelvingrove Museum, Glasgow City of Architecture ‘99 (KRD)

1999, “Naked” – interactive installation, Collins Gallery Glasgow, Glasgow City of Architecture ‘99 (KRD)

Selected Research Projects

2010-Present, “Friends of Friends” – A research project exploring alternative experiences within our electronically-mediated lives. Funded by Intel’s People and Practices Research group, CA – (Kitchen, B. Hooker)

2006, “Electroplex Heights” – A conceptual project about the future of housing, one of 12 commissioned by Vitra Design foundation after competitive selection as part of an international touring exhibition entitled ‘Open House: Intelligent Living by Design’. The project consists of an architectural model, images, video animation and writings. Exhibited: Norsk Forms DogA, Oslo, Center for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, Zeche Zollverein, Essen (Kitchen, B. Hooker)

2002, “Edge Town” – A two-year project to explore how interactive electronic systems that use sensors and displays can be designed along side or integrated into the existing built environment, so that existing spaces are electronically extended to amplify their richness, intricacy and narrative possibilities. Funded by an IBM faculty grant and Proboscis as part of the Public Reveries Private Spaces project. (Kitchen, B. Hooker)

2000, “Flirt” – Flexible Info and Recreation for mobile Telephone users: A two-year team research project funded by the EC’s IT for Mobility programme involving a trial of speculative mobile phone services in Helsinki. The project exploited the physical structure of the cellular phone network to align different electronic and physical spaces to create location specific events that would only occur on certain phones in specific places in the city invoking social interaction and play.

1999, “Presence” – A two-year research project funded by the European Commission through the Intelligent Information Interfaces (i3) programme. The project explored high-tech and low-tech interactive technologies to “increase the presence of older people in their local communities” and culminated in a deployed a system of networked street furniture in a Dutch housing estate, thus blurring domestic boundaries, bringing neighborhood issues into the home while allowing people’s attitudes to affect public spaces. (Dr. A. Dunne, Dr. B. Gaver, B. Hooker, S. Kitchen, B. Walker)

1996, “JAL” – Virtual Airport – Research project within the CRD department at The Royal College of Art which investigated multimedia possibilities for air travelers in and around the airport. The goal was to investigate how new media technologies can help reawaken the excitement, wonder, and anticipation of travel currently buried beneath aggressively economic travel systems. Commissioned jointly by Japan Airlines and The Netherlands Design Institute, Amsterdam. Presented at “The World Design Conference on the Global Age of Aviation”, Hanada Airport,Tokyo, 23-24 Oct 1996. A synopsis was delivered at “Speed”, The Doors of Perception conference, Amsterdam. (F. Raby, S. Kitchen, Sally Barton)